Gerelec Projects is a contacting company specialising in Solar and electrical installations. Gerelec has a background in domestic, industrial, agriculture, marine, of-grid and on-grid solar and battery back-up electrical systems since 1983.

Solar energy in one form or another is becoming the largest source energy in the world. Gerelec Projects installs solar power systems for both residential and commercial and also provides solar power installations for Agriculture, Marine, Mining, and Game Farms where the closet Eskom supply is a long distances away and not cost effective to install.

Going solar is easier and more cost-effective than ever, producing real value and cash savings form hoems and businesses from the moment the system is installed. At Gerelec we are focused on quality installations and good customer service to ensure satisfaction. We aim to provide you with a quality, reliable solar energy solution to satisfy your unique electricity requirements.

We are a contracting company that also meets the unique needs of South African consumers and businesses offering UPS and Inverter Back-up Power System Installations, even during the unforseen load-shedding periods.

Our Main Services include:

  • Residential Solar Systems
  • Commercial Solar Systems
  • Remote Solar Systems
  • UPS Backup Power Supply