Commercial Solar Systems

By using Solar Powered Energy your business will also receive substantial green credentials which will appeal to the increasing number of environmentally conscious South African consumers. We have developed key relationships and maintain ongoing contacts with businesses across Johannesburg in a range of sectors including: retail, manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare and engineering.

Improving your business’s bottom line is always a priority. This can be done by increasing revenue or reducing expenses or preferably both. Investing in a solar power system has both immediate and long-term value propositions for commercial and industial businesses. After years of experience and review we only use the top solar manufacturers for system performance, quality, track record, field history, cost effectiveness, and value.

Our Commercial Solar Systems are custom solar panel grid-tie power systems customised for commercial buildings using renowned solar panels. We design and integrates utility-scale solar systems, solar farms, solar tracking systems, municipal systems, and industrial solar systems.

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SES Industrial Off-Grid Remote Solar Systems

If you need reliable power for your remote industrial project, Gerelec is the best. We install a complete line of solar power systems designed to power your critical load in remote, unattended areas. We design the system based on your load profile and the project location. We also offer outdoor battery backup systems and larger, SES SDC™ microgrid hybrid solar/generator /wind-assisted solar systems for island power, base power and telecom sites.

Our solar system battery backup systems are an ideal solution to utility power outages or for off-grid battery backup. You can use your existing grid-tied solar system during emergency power outages with these inverter/charger battery backup systems. We can build new on-grid or off-grid solar battery backup systems with auto-generator assist.

Photovoltaic Solar Modules

Gerelec provides a full line of photovoltaic products and solutions that have proven to be outstanding in both performance and quality. Our technical capabilities and partnerships have helped us find and design some of the highest rated solar energy systems providing an exemplary track record of solar output.

We provide quality solar PV modules by leading manufacturers. After thorough review we have selected the top solar manufacturers for system performance, quality, track record, field history, cost effectiveness, and highest value.

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